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BE Remembered

This week, another beautiful soul flew from the confines of her cancer-ridden body and soared into the arms of her Beloved Saviour. She entered her rest after years of struggle and finally began the joy of new life in her eternal Home. Julie Elizabeth Leitch was a dear friend to our Bethany in her days …

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Let There BE Light!

  Have you see the new Star Wars movie yet? If not, you may be in the minority according to the latest stats. The seventh instalment of this epic science fiction saga looks set to break all box office records and whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny it possesses a powerful …

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Week 51 – BE Held!

  This week’s chapter in Heartbreakingly Beautiful came from a place deep within me that I had no desire to share. I still feel very raw about this particular period of the journey and it all feels intensely personal. I am trusting God to use this vulnerability to help at least one more soul going …

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