Our Story

This site is dedicated to the memory of Bethany Joy Wake (31.3.95 – 5.3.11) and committed to the overflow of love and compassion that remarkably continues to pour forth from her life.

BE Blessings is the ‘beauty from ashes’ ministry God has given Lynda and the Wake family as they now support and encourage others who are suffering and bereaved. Bethany’s merciful heart sings out an invitation for us to allow God to complete the good work He began in her life, through our lives!

Her world-changing legacy has a number of facets and is thriving! You too can become part of the growing number of people who realize that we are all called and enabled by God to BE Blessings to a world in need – even through our personal losses, difficulties and suffering.

Through this site, you can learn more about Bethany’s inspiring story and have access to wonderful resources that will support you through your own trials and help you to encourage others through theirs.

Meet our

Brown-Eyed Beauty

In early March 2010, Beth began to experience weird symptoms that included some vision loss and pain that eventually led to her appendix being removed. We know now that it was not appendicitis at all but the beginnings of a deadly disease that quickly manifested throughout her body as that month continued. By her 15th birthday Beth was in hospital with…

Supporting the

Wake Family

The Wake family covet your prayer support as they minister God’s Word to those in need. They do not receive a salary for their ministry with Wycliffe Australia or the BE Blessings ministry. If you feel led to partner with them financially, you can find out the information you need here: