Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Heartbreakingly Beautiful is a 52-week devotional journey of hope, inspired by the life of Bethany Wake.

Bethany was a remarkable Australian teenager who had a reputation for loving God and people ‘to the max’. In 2010, when struck down with brain cancer, just weeks before her 15th birthday, Bethany took hold of that love, faith and hope like never before and a heartbreaking, yet beautiful, story began to unfold.

By reflecting back on the shared journals mother and daughter kept together, Lynda poignantly reports all that Bethany experienced and learned through her extreme year-long trial, before her passing in 2011.

Mum, a kind of devotional book would be good to come from all this one day. I don’t want it to be a book about a poor girl with cancer that people read and then just put back on the shelf. I want it to be all about Jesus and what He has taught me through this time.

These inspirationally illustrated and crafted weekly devotionals will deepen your faith and strengthen you through your own days of trial. Heartbreakingly Beautiful includes contributions from Dr. Matthew Jacoby, Sons of Korah, and Barry Borneman, former CEO of Wycliffe Australia.

We are delighted to present to you this unique collection of psalms and songs that have been donated by some of Australia’s leading Christian artists including Sons of Korah, Ann-Maree Keef, Vita Adam, Jordan Worner, Steve Grace, Jess Lee, Ben Manusama and others.

Bonus Heartbreakingly Beautiful CD also included!


Due to the generosity of all the contributors, Heartbreakingly Beautiful has been made available to you for a minimal donation. Any extra donations will help cover postage and administration costs.

Profits from the Heartbreakingly Beautiful project go toward Bethany’s Blue Box Stop Fistula Appeal and you can find out more by visiting the CBM website.