Week 15 – BE In Awe!


“Show me Your glory Lord!” was Beth’s heartfelt cry. In Exodus 33-34 we read that Moses had that same cry and the Lord answered them both with similar words, “I WILL – I AM!” Throughout my trials with Beth’s illness and passing I too have longed to actually see God in all His glory with my physical eyes. I have begged Him many times for a physical manifestation of Himself because I am hurting so much and hungry for Him like never before. Yet I wonder if you, like me, tend to miss the various ways God has already manifested His glory in forms we can experience right now?

This week I want to encourage us to really look at the glory of God that is all around us! Isaiah 6:3 says, “Holy, holy holy is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!” I am guilty of taking His glory for granted as I journey along, forgetting the awesome wonder of His creation and His marvelous deeds. In my ‘adultness’ I forget to have the ‘child-like wonder’ of God and I easily forget to BE In Awe of His revealed glory!

For example, thanks to the kindness of friends, this week David and I had the blessing of a few days away in an apartment that overlooks one of Victoria’s prettiest beaches.  When I arrived, I took a walk along a track right beside the famous Great Ocean Road. I have to tell you that I was feeling pretty sorry for myself on a number of levels. Sorrow hit again and some extended family issues were weighing heavily on my heart. I was ‘downcast’ and nearly missed the beauty and wonder of God that was totally surrounding me.

Suddenly, through the winter clouds, a ray of warm sunshine hit my face – it felt like  ‘a kiss’ from God. I looked up through my tears and again asked God to show me His glory in a new way. As I did, it was like my eyes were opened to the majesty before me. In an instant, everywhere I looked seemed to come alive – from the shimmering ocean waves to the delicate white flowers on the path. I looked up and the sky was magnificent – filled with sunshine, rain clouds, a rainbow and sun showers all at once. Truly, I almost missed it all and thanked God that I hadn’t! I sat for a spell on a bench to just drink it all in, BE In Awe and remember Him.

In a world that tries to explain away this wonder as an accident, I pray that our senses can be awakened to experience the glory of God as revealed to all humanity. Let’s not miss it friends! God is an amazing designer and has created a masterpiece in the world around us. When you take a good look from this perspective, both the telescopic and microscopic worlds will blow your mind!

Yet what we experience now is the broken version of the world and just a shadow of what is to come – wow! This week’s ‘near miss’ helped me to realize afresh that I have to open the eyes of my heart to see His glory. I have to possess both perception and reception to recognize the hand of the Creator and BE In Awe

“Yes, show me Your glory Lord!” “I WILL child, I AM!” “Thank you LORD that You have shown me that like Moses, I cannot see the fullness of Your glory with these mortal eyes and still live! Thank you for giving me a foretaste of Your glory now that whets my appetite for more!” Friends, Job 19:25-17 & Revelation 22:4 teach us that the privilege of seeing God in ALL His glory is saved for the time when we are in our new bodies and living with Him. So in the meantime, while we wait for that ultimate fulfillment of God’s glory, let us not miss the glory surrounding us right now. Let us BE In Awe of our awesome God!

Some Questions to Ponder:

If you have not already done so, take a look at Exodus 33-34…

*How is God revealing His glory to you at the moment? If you can’t see it, ask Him to show you.

*What does God’s answer to Moses and to Beth, “I AM” mean to you?

*List all the “I WILLS” in the passage – what is God willing to do for you when you seek His face and BE In Awe of His glory?

Songs to encourage you:

Show Me Your Glory by Third Day

Show Me Your Glory by Jesus Culture

I AM by Mark Shultz

DVDs to inspire you:

Indescribable – Louie Giglio (The universe displays God’s glory.)

How Great is our God – Louie Giglio (Our bodies display God’s glory.)