Week Four – BE Armed and Unafraid!


In week four of Heartbreakingly Beautiful I talk about a vision I believe God gave me and how He used this vision to help me combat fear in His name. Apparently night dreaming helps us deal with subconscious feelings. They sure can be ridiculous at times hey! So how do we know when our night-time visions are more than scrambled brains trying to sort things out? How can we know when we have been given insight and a glimpse of the eternal?

We have to be very careful when stating ‘God has spoken to me’ through a dream or vision and these things must be tested. All I can say is that this vision is still very clear in my mind, unlike the majority of night dreams I have experienced. I can remember clear detail, not before seen or imagined, and there seemed to be clear warnings and encouragement right throughout.

The main thing that gives me assurance that I can trust this vision is that the messages imparted to me were not opposed to scripture. In fact, I have learned valuable lessons and gained confidence in God’s eternal Kingdom. My trust in His sovereignty has been strengthened. So I take heart that it was a message from God, given to me in desperate circumstances. Hearing from God in a vision is a bit unusual for me, but not an unusual way for God to speak to His people throughout the ages. (See Acts 2:17-18.)

Immediately after receiving this magnificent yet horrifying vision came a deep conviction that not only did I need to BE Unafraid, but that I needed to BE Armed with much more than the little water pistol I had been trying to defeat those horrible monsters with! I needed much heavier artillery! I required the Sword of the Spirit – the Word of God! (See Ephesians 6:10-18 & 1 Thessalonians 5:8.)

Since that time, I have attempted to learn how to acquire and wield the God-given Sword in a more powerful way. I am realizing more and more that our battle in this world is not ‘of this world’ at all (2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Therefore, we need to appropriate the spiritual weapons God has designed for use in the power of His Spirit.

Jesus commands us to BE Unafraid, or words to that effect, several times in the gospels. The whole Bible is full of verses about not allowing fear to control our lives. When we entrust our lives to Jesus Christ, the biggest fear we have to face is absolutely covered by Him – the fear of facing God as judge. So when we hide in Jesus, we really don’t have a thing to fear at the end of the day!

That being said, living out Jesus’ command to BE Unafraid is not easy. We constantly face the temptation to fear throughout our lives. While I have attempted to arm myself with my defensive armor and my offensive weapons for spiritual warfare, I still have a long way to go and often let my guard down. Let us determine to help each other BE Armed with God’s Word and stand in victory against all the ‘monsters and giants’ that come against us throughout life. I want to BE Unafraid and believe there is only One Person and One Way He has ordained for us to live in freedom from fear. So comrades, let us BE Armed and Unafraid together!

Books to build you up:
This week, our daughter Rachael was given a new book by Lisa Bevere entitled Girls With Swords. We have just commenced reading it together and we know the timing is no coincidence.

Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word is also a wonderful resource to help us train for and to fight the Almighty battle with a spirit free from fear!

A song to encourage you:
Whom Shall I Fear by Lincoln Brewster