Week Six – BE Fearless!


This week in Heartbreakingly Beautiful we are at the place where Beth had horrible words of death spoken over her life. While she did not like these words, she did not take them into herself and become afraid – she trusted the One who holds the keys to death and the grave as the final authority over her life. She took Jesus at His Word and arose to BE Fearless – even in the face of this tornado like storm!

But for me as her mother, life as I knew it was splintered and at times I was ravaged with fear. It took me a while longer to come to the same place of peace Beth had arrived at so quickly with her trusting heart. When we are wounded and shattered, I think our natural response is fear and confusion. I started out dazed and numb at first but soon began to fall and crumble to pieces! “Help me God! I am afraid!”

Can you identify your biggest fear at the moment? Maybe it’s something that jumps straight to mind – something very obvious that has you in its grip. Or perhaps it is something lurking underneath and unawares that has its tentacles entwining you.

This week’s Psalm 107 is a song full of all kinds of fearful cries to God – shouts of fear coming from a variety of different people in unique situations. Yet take a look at the common thread is that is found throughout this ancient wisdom… “and he rescued them from all their distress.”

This amazing psalm is just one of many that give me the courage to BE Fearless in the face of every situation life brings. God is more than able to save and rescue us. He is the Mighty Deliverer who carries us into safety and calms the storm to a whisper as He stills the waves (verses 28-30).

Ok, but what about when the storms we encounter are life threatening and absolutely devastating? Can we BE Fearless and live free from the chains of fear even in the very worst circumstances? Psalm 107 uses some strong imagery describing God’s power of deliverance – even from the dark, gloomy, scary places of death.  In fact, as you look through all the psalms, it helps build up a picture of God as our fearless Deliverer. (For example psalms 18, 23, 40, 46 & 116 just to name a few.)

Friends, I no longer share these things from head knowledge – I share with you now as one who has had the shackles of fear blown off! I now know what it feels like to be rescued from fear. I have experienced my full- blown fears being knocked to the ground and shattered! My secret? (By the way, it’s the same secret Beth discovered that dispelled all her fear too.) The secret to being fearless in the face of fear and death is this…  Standing confidently by faith in the authority of our Almighty God and His Fearless, Conquering Son!

Like Beth, I have learned this secret through the trial and it is a precious treasure indeed. Taking our confident stand in His authority and using the authority He has endowed on His children has released us! His perfect love has cast out all our fears. As a woman who used to be chained by fear, the feeling of freedom in this area is incredible and I long to share these truths with you so that freedom from all kinds of fear can be your experience too!

Whatever your fear, when Jesus speaks with authority into our situations, it is often accompanied by words of love, comfort and a call to BE Fearless! Let us purposefully take hold of the courage Jesus offers us through all the storms life can throw at us. “Don’t be afraid, I am here!” (John 5:20)

A song to encourage you:

Courageous by Casting Crowns

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