Week Ten – Be Sheltered!


Can you think of a time lately when you have had to take shelter from a thunderstorm? Usually when this happens, we are caught unawares and the shelter where we seek some protection is just makeshift.  This temporary shelter may help for a few moments, but we can’t hide there forever. We still get wet while riding it out and our hearts long to get home, to our more permanent shelter, where we can rest and dry out!

This week in Heartbreakingly Beautiful we are focusing in on Psalm 91 – an ancient song of wisdom that teaches about taking shelter in God. Hopefully you can listen to and enjoy Psalm 91 as sung by Sons of Korah. It is beautifully done and for me brings back a flood of memories from the time when Beth helped Sons of Korah sell their CDs at the missions event just before she became ill. I can still remember weeping as Sons of Korah played their version of Psalm 91 for the first time. Wow it is powerful! Beth was in my line of vision and somehow it seemed to be sung just for us. The song was in popular demand but was yet to be recorded. One of the first people who received the recording months later was Bethany Joy! So as you can see, this song has become heavily associated with the promises of God to me and to Beth when I hear it. When I sing it, I take the liberty of making it personal, adding my name and hers into the precious verses – perhaps you could try to do the same.

So what does sheltering in God really look like? I am encouraged again today as I pray and read through this magnificent psalm. I confess I still don’t understand the mystery of it all but I am learning to take shelter in God in new ways as I grieve. I am learning, as Beth did, that to BE Sheltered properly, I need to actively choose to take my refuge in Jesus. He is our shield and the eternal refuge – no makeshift, temporary shelter with Him! Abiding, dwelling, resting in Him is the very best and safest place in the universe to BE Sheltered!

Friends, please don’t leave yourselves exposed to the elements. Under the shadow of the cross of Christ is where ultimate protection lies and is what Psalm 91 alludes to with its rich language. God offers us complete eternal protection in Jesus – but only by turning, embracing and taking refuge in Him can we BE Sheltered!

Songs to encourage you:

Psalm 91 by Sons of Korah


You Are My Hiding Place by Selah

A book to build you up:

Safely Home by Randy Alcorn

A quote to inspire you:

“God’s love is displayed more through the supreme revelation of His glory rather than His protection from any physical harm.”

Dr. John Piper