BE Dreamers!

Bethany Joy was a dreamer…


Dream #1 

Have a great life story that will make Jesus smile.

Dream #2

Marry an amazing (and organized) man and have six kids. (When I talked to her about how much work this would be, she just assumed I would be there to help her raise her happy brood!)

Dream #3 

Train to become a midwife and help women suffering from obstetric fistula. 

If you know Bethany’s story, you will know that those dreams didn’t come true -or did they?

Six years after her passing, it is a temptation to believe that those dreams are dead and buried – but are they?

The truth is, Bethany offered her dreams to the One who rose from the dead – and He is redeeming them!

Biblical concept of redemption = ‘buying back and restoring what has been lost’.

Do you need your dreams redeemed? I certainly do! Jesus’ disciples needed their dreams redeemed too –  into bigger, better, broader, eternal dreams they could not have imagined on their own! The One who paid the great cost for this redemption is breathing His resurrected life into my old dreams and it is our joy to catch some glimpses of the beautiful ways He is redeeming Bethany’s dreams too…


Many women are receiving help through Bethany’s legacy!                                     Check out: and


He is her amazing bridegroom and her life is birthing many ‘children of faith’!       (Just last week I spoke with a terminally ill woman who has come to know Jesus through reading Bethy’s story in ‘Heartbreakingly Beautiful’.)


Bethany has a great life story that makes Jesus smile!                                               (And that, friends, is the crux of my redeemed dream too.)

This blog has been inspired by a man who has needed his broken dreams redeemed. I recently shared Bethany’s story at a seminar in Melbourne, led by the inspirational Sheridan Voysey, called ‘Broken Dreams, New Beginnings’. I highly recommend that you check out his website which is loaded with great resources that will help even the most broken-hearted BE Dreamers again!

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